Friday, January 10, 2014

Back On The Scene

Hey all!  Some of you may have noticed that I took a fairly long break from the blogging scene.  With graduate school and recent events in my life I found myself carrying more than I could handle and so my blog was put on hold for later.  Happy to say that I am back and excited to be writing and keeping in contact with you bloggers.  I am always so encouraged by the posts I read and I just hope that I can be an encouragement for some of you out there!

With a new year comes the opportunity to think about new goals and to have a "fresh start" state of mind.  I have organized my goals into categories.  Maybe some of you share common goals with me and we can work to accomplish them together?

Spiritual Goals
1. Read my Bible every day and set aside time to pray (other than right before bed).
2. Share my testimony with at least 5 people.

Relational Goals
1. Once I graduate from college, find a women's Bible study to join so that I have a support group during my new phase of life.
2. Do what I can to serve my family and to put them first on my priority list.

School Goals
1. Complete graduate school and my graduate thesis :)

Photography Goals
1. Have my photography published on a blog and in a magazine.

As I look into this next year, I am unsure of what it will offer.  I will be graduating from graduate school and finally joining the race for a job, although I have confidence the Lord will provide because He always does.  Although I'm uncertain of what my future will look like, I'm certain of who my God is, and he is a good God.

I'd love to hear some of your goals and to pray with you that the Lord would bless you in this new year of life!

Stay lovely,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Join Me For A Birthday Celebration With My Family

Hey Blogger friends!  I know it's been a couple weeks since i've blogged because I've been so busy, but I am so excited to share this post with you!  For my grandmother's birthday all the women in our family went to high tea at a fancy hotel.  I remember growing up my grandmother would always make my my favorite chamomile tea with honey whenever I would go over to her house.  We love tea and so we decided to have a tea party :D 

In this first picture is my sister and my grandma right when we sat down for tea.  From the tablecloths to the tea cups, the whole setting was wonderful!

This is an overview of the hotel we were at.  I am a huge chandelier lover and this one about took my breath away!

My sister took this picture of us from the balcony.  It gives a nice setting of the table!

Along with our choice of tea came wonderful tea sandwiches, pastries and an array of goodies.  Let's just say I left with a full stomach (and a bit of a stomach ache) but it was well worth it.

After tea I took a photo of my beautiful grandmother!  She has aged so well and I hope that I have her genes!

I also took a photo of my little cousin Isabella!  Isn't she just the cutest?! :)

We went back to my grandma and grandpa's house where we had cake and opened presents.  Some of my favorite times have been with my family.  Just hanging out with them is such a joy and blessing!

It just happened to be my cousin Isabella's birthday a few days before so we had her open her gifts as well.  Her brother Matthew also got a few gifts just for fun!

Look out Tigre Woods, Matthew got his own golf set!

Isabella was very excited about her little birthday cupcake!

Love this shot of her blowing out her candle.

In between activities my sister took some shots of me.  This is my dad Curt, the most loyal, loving, Christ-like, goofy and awesome dad out there!

This is my mom Michelle, the most wise, noble, understanding, humble, and loving mom!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my family, from my home to yours.  I hope to be posting more in the next few weeks on all the adventures i've been going on :D

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reliving Precious Moments

This past summer I have really experienced God taking my small photography business to a bigger level than I had imagined.  My photography business actually didn't start out as a business at all.  It started as a sophomore girl in college enjoying the hobby and creativity photography had to offer.  I started out taking nature shots, selfies, detail shots, and doing free portraits of friends.  I slowly began having people ask to pay me to take their photos and then last summer I got asked to do three weddings.  I was scared out of my mind but I felt it was the next step I needed to take.  

The risk was huge!  A wedding day is not a time you want to "experiment" around so I watched many you tube videos and asked every wedding photographer I knew for tips.  I had many councilors and I truly feel that is what helped my first wedding (and the rest of the weddings) go so smoothly.  Here I am just one summer after my first wedding photography gig and I'm starting to feel comfortable and excited about the potential opportunity ahead!

I wanted to showcase a few photos from the wedding photographs I just completed editing!  You can view these photos on my Facebook Page.  You can also view the full blog post on my Photography Blog .  If you're interested in having me photograph your wedding let me know!

Zenith Vineyard's provided the perfect backdrop for photographs.
Sometimes it's the details that often go unforgotten but are so beautiful.

Her hanger was so cute!

The groom wrote Helen a note on her shoes.  I get the best wedding ideas from the couples I photograph :D

The bride's first look of herself was precious!

Favorite part of wedding is the first look.  It's so special, intimate and candid!

We found this old barn out in the vineyards!

Flower girl and groom bearer, so sweet!
Although thunderstorms interrupted this couples outdoor wedding venue, no storm could stop the smiles and love between these two.  The venue was quickly moved inside!
This little guy loved the spotlight. He kept smiling and looking at me until... he hit the cake table.  A roar of laughter from the crowd and an embarrassing look on the boy, but the show went on and I had a huge smile on my face :D

 I followed the couple down the hall right after they left the ceremony and snuck this picture of them kissing!
 The couple had fun smearing cake on each other's faces.
Toasts were of course, hilarious!
First dances with dad and mom are always a tear jerker.
The bride and groom had a romantic first dance...
And then broke out into country swing dancing as the crown cheered and eventually joined them on the dance floor!

I had a blast photographing this couple's wedding!  Thanks for enjoying the night again with me through photographs :D